Registration Questions

Conference Registration Fees:

  • Conference registration: $155 per person.
    • Includes conference sessions and activities.
    • Saturday lunch
    • Saturday dinner
  • Late Registration is $175 per person.
  • T-shirts: $15/each for all sizes (optional)

Hotel Registration Fees:

  • Double Queen per room/for 2 nights (Including tax) – $328.00

Average Totals Per Person:

  • The average cost per young person for the weekend (hotel when 4 to a room/and registration fee) is $237 for regular registration.
  • The average cost per adult with 2 person/room and Reg. is $319

Payment Policies

  • An initial deposit of 15% non-refundable deposit is due within 2 weeks of registration.
  • The final balance is due by July 26, 2024.


  • AYC is opening to incoming freshmen through outgoing seniors, all who fall in that range are invited to attend the conference!
  • Only persons registered with a parish group are allowed at the conference activities and events.

The Key Leader will be the only person to register their group for AYC 2024, and all registration, hotel, and t-shirt orders and modifications are done via the registration site.

  • When registering the Key Leader will select the number of youth participants and adult chaperone spots they want. Additional spots may be added later, but reducing spots requires the Key Leader to contact the OACE team (See Payment Policies for details).
  • The Key Leader will select the number of hotel rooms they wish to reserve for their group. Additional rooms may be added later, but reducing rooms requires the Key Leader to contact the OACE team (See Payment Policies for details).
  • They Key Leader will be able to select the number of t-shirts they want to order. This can be modified until July 1, 2024. After selecting the number of shirts to purchase they key leader can select the number of each size needed for their group.

At any time before the final modification/substitution deadline (July 1, 2024). Key Leaders can login and modify their group registration. 

This includes the ability to "Add a Group Member." 

Best Practice

  • Once you have received a notification that someone has submitted a new Digital Permission Slip and Liability Form (See related FAQ) log into your event registration and add that person as a Group Member.

The registration fee does NOT include:

  • Transportation to and from the Archdiocesan Youth Conference
  • Friday dinner
  • Saturday breakfast
  • Sunday breakfast
  • Parking
  • AYC t-shirt (available for an additional fee of $15/each)

June 24, 2024

  • Regular On-line Conference Registration ($155.00 per person) closes at 8:00 pm
  • Deadline to drop hotel rooms and only loose 15% deposit, after this day parish/school is responsible for the full price of all rooms.

July 1, 2024

  • Late Online Conference Registration ($175 per person) closes at 8:00 pm
  • No new Conference Registrations will be accepted after 8:00 pm
  • Final conference registration payments must be submitted.

July 26, 2024

  • Substitutions must be done by the Key Leader by modifying their group registration – not at the Registration Desk.

The Key Leader can make substitutions at any time by modifying their group registration. Youth spots must be substituted for youth spots and adults for adults.

  • Collect a digital permission slip and liability form for the person you wish to add.
  • Login to your group registration
  • Remove the group member that is no longer attending.
  • Add the new group member.

Please note it is the key leader's responsibility to make sure all those 18+ are current on their safe environment training (CMG).

Permission Slip & Liability Forms

  • A Permission Slip and Liability Form is needed for all Youth participants and should be submitted by their parent/guardian.
  • All Adult Participants (Key Leader and Chaperones) need to have a Medical Consent and Liability form.

All youth and adult forms will collected using a digital form.

  • After completing a group registration, the Key Leader will receive an email with detailed instructions, including a link to share with parents/chaperones.
  • When a new form is submitted the key leader will receive a notification email with a link to access/download a copy of the completed Permission Slip and Liability form, the participant and parent will also receive a confirmation email.
  • Save this for your records so that you can print a copy to have on hand when you travel to and from AYC.
  • Use the information from this form to add members to your group.

When you receive a new form, you should immediately download a copy for your records. The AYC Team will also receive a digital copy and will have access to them during the event.

It is highly recommended that you print several copies of these forms, one set to leave at the parish and one set to have with the key leader throughout the event.

Additionally, if you are arranging group travel (Bus or carpool) a copy of each from should be with the driver/designated leader in each vehicle.

The most likely cause of this is that one of the required emails was not entered correctly (misspelled or in the wrong format).

This does not mean that the form was not received, just that the automated flow sending the email was not triggered.

Email the AYC team to see if the form was completed. Please provide the following information:

  • Key Leader Name
  • Parish Name
  • Participant Name
  • Date the form was submitted

Hotel Questions

  • Hilton Americas Hotel
  • Address: 600 Lamar Street, Houston, TX 77010
  • Phone: 713-739-8000
  • Website
  • All hotel registration is done through the AYC registration page. 
  • No key leader will need to contact the hotel to make reservations.
  • An initial deposit of 15% non-refundable deposit per room is due within 2 weeks of registration.
  • The final balance is due by July 26, 2024.
  • After July 1, 2024 parishes/schools cannot release hotel rooms.
  • Before July 1, 2024 any rooms released will lose the 15% deposit.
  • Parishes may continue to add rooms if available up until July 8, 2024.
  • All payments must be made by parish/school check, cashier’s check, or money order, and made payable to the Office of Adolescent Catechesis and Evangelization.
  • Room fees for AYC 2024 are $328 per room for a two-night stay (Friday and Saturday)
  • Available room types:
    • Queen (Sleeps 4)
    • King (Sleeps 2 limited number available)
  • Room accommodations for youth events are gender specific. Males are never allowed in female-assigned rooms and females are never allowed in male-assigned rooms without adult supervision.
  • Specific Policies:
    • Adult and his/her children in the same household sharing a room.
    • Two Adult chaperone/leaders sharing a room.
    • Four youth in youth-only rooms without adults allowed with the following stipulations:
      • Systematic check-ins by adult chaperones
      • Clear communication and understanding of parental liability for delinquent actions.
    • ​​​​​​​Youth who are 18 may not be housed with anyone under the age of 18.
    • Adults may never be in a room alone with a youth.
    • Bag searches must be conducted with parents present before arrival at destination.
    • Additional bag searches may be conducted at destination as needed.
  • Hotel check-in begins at 3:00 pm on Friday afternoon of the conference. 
  • An OACE Staff or AYC Team Member will be present at the hotel to help answer questions.
  • Upon arrival Key Leaders, go directly to the hotel registration desk in the main lobby and check into your rooms.
    • Send your group, with their luggage, to the pre-function area on the 2nd floor. This ensures that the main lobby is not overrun with conference participants.
  • Once you check in at the hotel, we encourage you to bring your teens to Bayou Village. Located in the Ballroom of the Americas on the 2nd floor of the Hilton Americas Hotel.
  • No, all groups must stay overnight at the hotel(s) contracted with the Archdiocese.
  • This preserves the conference experience for participants and allows us to negotiate better hotel rates.
  • Should it be necessary for a minor to leave to attend another function, please contact the OACE in advance of the conference. 
  • A teen may leave only if accompanied by a parent.

Check-in and Bayou Village

  • Conference registration will begin at 3:00 p.m. on the fourth floor of the Hilton Americas Hotel. Conference materials will not be available prior to 3:00.
  • Hotel Check-In will begin at 3:00 p.m. Your patience is needed with the hotel to allow time for the proper clean-up and turn-around for our gathering. Every effort will be made to keep rooms for parishes together, but this may not be possible.

Bayou Village is a space for your youth and chaperones to gather while the key leader is completing the check-in process. 


  • Ballroom of the Americas - 2nd Floor, Hilton America Hotel


  • Interactive Inflatables
  • Games
  • Vendors
  • Exhibitors
  • Live DJ

Other Questions

  • Yes! scholarships are available!
  • The maximum scholarship awarded is $110 and will only go toward the registration cost. This does not include housing, travel, or meals not provided by AYC. Full scholarship awards are not guaranteed.
  • Scholarships will be distributed based on an individual need and not on a parish/school need.
  • Scholarship forms, essays and registration forms must be completed and returned to the Office of Adolescent Catechesis and Evangelization by the program scholarship deadline. All applicants’ forms must be submitted as one packet by the catechetical leader/campus ministry leader with a cover letter verifying the financial need.
  • Scholarship awards are non-transferable. Late fees or substitution fees are not included in scholarship awards.
  • Participants must apply individually.
    • In a one-page essay, the teen is to share how AYC will be of benefit to his/her faith life through attendance and active participation in the conference.  Please attach to this form. It must be an original essay not a generic one used by several youth. If the essay is not included, the scholarship request will be denied.

 AYC scholarship application.

Participants will need extra money for:

  • Meals not provided by the conference or their parish/organization.
  • Vendors at Bayou Village & throughout the weekend
  • Sunday Mass Collection ($5 recommended to go towards AYC scholarship fund).

Contact Us: Email  |  +1 713-741-8723