About the Event

Transformed in Love is an overnight program to help you start your marriage the right way. This program summarizes the Church’s view of Marriage, and will provide you with the tools for setting the cornerstone of your marriage in the best way.

Transformed in Love will help to explain what love is, and the wonder of the sacredness of marriage. It will prepare you for what to expect on your wedding day and guide you in managing your family ‘s finances.  It will help you understand who you are, and how to communicate effectively with your spouse. And Transformed in Love will help to build and maintain an atmosphere of continuous spiritual growth for your family.
We want your Sacrament of Matrimony to be a most precious moment. We want you to build a home, a domestic church, with your loved one. We want you start a family together, grow old together, and to always give the best of you to your beloved spouse.

The Transformed in Love retreat will begin on Saturday at 8 am and run through Sunday at 4:30 pm.